The first step is to set up a tour of the school. Individual tours are offered at 9:30 am and 10:15 am, and need to be set up with the director. You are welcome to bring your child along; however, many times parents prefer to tour the school alone as this enables them to focus on the information given to them without distractions. A packet with all the enrollment forms is provided during the tour. If you decide to enroll your child and we know we have an opening, a $100 non-refundable registration fee is due at the time the application is submitted. If your child’s start date is more than one month in the future, 50% of the first month’s tuition fee is required in order to secure a spot. Finally, a transition plan that consists of short visits the week prior to your child’s start date is discussed; these visits are intended to make your child feel more comfortable with their new environment.