Soccer Shots

Soccer Shots is changing the lives of young people forever by teaching principles and life skills like confidence, respect, honesty, and teamwork.  Soccer Shots is a national organization of caring individuals positively impacting children’s lives through memorable and engaging experiences through the game of soccer.  This program is offered once per week and it consists of 10 sessions per season, there is a cost of $175.  The children enrolled get to enjoy this special activity with their friends and accompanied by one of our staff members, this activity takes place in the back field.

Panda Bear Gymnastics

These sessions will be filled with obstacle courses, beams, bars, trampoline, music, games, ribbons, balls, tumbling, vault, and a whole lot of fun!  All of these activities assist in building children’s confidence; expands motor development skills, increase coordination which leads to happy kids.  This class takes place once a week, and the cost is $15 per class, billed monthly.


Children will discover how to use their bodies to express various emotions, resemble animals, objects, and actions.  They will use their imagination and creativity to give life to characters from stories they are familiar with.  Basic dance steps, rhythm, and music will complement this fun activity.  This activity will help them develop their balance, coordination, and flexibility, while reinforcing a positive body image through fantasy play and games.

Kid’s Yoga

Children will learn yoga basics in a fun, friendly environment.  They will work on strengthening their body muscles, improving their balance, coordination, concentration, and flexibility.  Children will learn how to relax, slow down, and focus on their breathing.


In class each child has the opportunity to find their own pleasure through music while singing traditional songs and learning original ones.  Each month has a different seasonal theme and incorporates the use of puppets, books, and other props in class, helping to strengthen their engagement skills.  Children are exposed to a large variety of instruments including tambourines, cymbals, maracas, triangles, bells, rain-sticks and drums.  Children also get introduced to different gneres of music from around the world.


Our art studio offers a variety of materials that allow the children to express their individuality and develop their creativity.  Art is a form of self-expression and children experience the freedom to release their feelings and emotions in a positive way.  They learn to appreciate their own work and get a sense of accomplishment.