Family Communication

We recognize the importance of creating a strong home and Center connection by developing a process of open, honest communication with you regarding your child’s development and experience at the Center.  This includes a continual exchange of information between you and the Center’s staff.  Changes in a child’s physical or emotional state are reported to you regularly.

The family and Teacher Communication Log for daily information exchange is available to families at all times.

The bulletin board located at the entrance of the building, and the monthly newsletters are used to communicate daily events, news, holiday closing dates, field trip information, etc.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

You are invited to initiate a conference at any time you feel the need.  Formal conferences are scheduled in February.  Your child’s progress, accomplishments, and challenges at home and at the Center are discussed.  At both, formal and informal conferences, we work together to make decisions about how to best support your child’s development.

Conflict Resolution

The emotional health of a Center is determined not by the absence of conflict, but by its caring and timely resolution.   We are committed to responding to all family grievances in a timely fashion.  Difficulties or differences that arise from interactions between teachers and families are resolved through special conferences, or individual meetings involving all participants.  The Center’s director facilitates the meetings.


It is our policy that any information regarding a child, a child’s family, or other matters discussed with the Center’s director or teachers will be held in the strictest confidence.