The word education comes from the Latin root EDUCARE (e-du-ka-re). Educare means to bring out that which is within. We believe that children are born with everything that is needed to learn and develop each aspect of their being. As educators, we facilitate the experiences that are needed for your child’s development. We believe that the fusion of the Montessori philosophy and an emergent curriculum in human values is the ideal approach that offers a loving environment where children are free to discover and learn. This method of education leads to emotional regulation, social interaction, cognitive development and creative growth.

The Montessori curriculum offers unlimited opportunities for self initiated activities that allow children to naturally learn as many skills as they are ready to learn. The different areas of the curriculum are carefully prepared and changed periodically to offer children practical, fun, interesting activities in which they can learn about the world in their own environment.

The aim of our curriculum in human values is to use the child’s experiences to make them aware of their own feelings. Through effective communication and role modeling we give children useful tools that can show them how making informed choices can keep them safe, happy and have a positive impact in the people around them. This awareness is a valuable tool that can be used by families in any situation that requires your child’s cooperation.