I can't imagine a better place to see my child flourish for the past 2 years.  In fact, I'm dreading the day my son leaves for Kindergarten knowing that he won't get to spend his days with the amazing teachers at Educare, who all quickly became family to ours.  

We came to Educare almost 2 years ago, after leaving a preschool in San Francisco.  Having had our son in full time daycare and Preschool in SF, our expectations were pretty high, and Educare exceeded them within a week, when our son asked to be excused from the table,  told me that "sharing is caring," and that "tres" was "three."  And that he wanted to go to school!  Aside from the great curriculum with personalized attention for each child, the staff is amazing.  The Director is incredibly visible and approachable and works with the parents to continually better the school.  The teachers genuinely love the students, even taking the time to rub their tummies to help them nap…every day.  In fact, I've learned to be a better parent from them.  I can't recommend Educare enough.  I feel so lucky to have had them be a part of lives.