I honestly can’t say enough good things about Educare, Rossana and the staff!  I have had two boys go through the program and leave for kindergarten beyond ready, both emotionally and academically.  But, even more important than that is the love and care that come from all of the teachers.  They genuinely care and love all of the children.  I have never experienced this type of care, anywhere.  At graduation, all of the teachers are in tears for losing “their” children.  The love is evident on so many levels.  The program is amazing and so enriching.  Academics, art, play.  They teach them SO much and make it a total delight for the children.  Science, music, Spanish, math (in play), and so much more.  The children learn personal space, manners, love and respect for all other living things.  They are calm and happy, yet still enjoy being children and the playtime. The program thrives on structure as do the children.  My oldest will still tell me his routine at Educare!  With my oldest child, we spent 1 year at another preschool before Educare opened, so I have something to compare it all to, and I can tell you how much Educare excels on every level.  They are like family, and they always put the best interests of the family/child before anything else, and that is a rare thing.  I recommend Educare to anyone who wants their children loved and to thrive…And I am pretty sure that is everyone!