I can’t recommend Educare more highly.  I have had two kids spend multiple years there.  Both of my kids have made friends, learned, and thrived at Educare.  As a working mother, it is often difficult to find a preschool or daycare that you know will be a nurturing environment… while also offering flexibility.  Educare has done just that. There are very few decisions that have been so completely positive as finding and sticking with Educare for the last 4 years.  Rossana, the director of Educare is one of the most lovely, caring and dedicated people I have met.  The students are all special to her… not just numbers filling enrollment.  They are all loved individually for their unique personalities and encouraged to try new things, spread their wings and be confident little people.  My kids even rave about the food at Educare.  My son talks endlessly about the Caesar Salad, rice casserole, burritos, etc.  He has never eaten salad before, nor ourside of Educare… but he loves it there.  He would be willing to go to school each day just to eat the wonderful hot lunch.  Selecting Educare should be a no brainer to anyone looking to select a preschool.  It does not get any better than this!!